Leak Detection

Professional Leak Detection – $199.00

Commercial and residential leak detection is used to locate hidden leaks of all kinds including those that can cause damage costing hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair. Many plumbing leaks are concealed beneath or behind something and require a professional to find them.

Las Vegas Leak DetectionLocating and repairing a water leak can lead to savings on utility bills, while preventing any further damage created by leaky pipes and plumbing. Prompt leak detection typically means arranging for less expensive repairs than you would need if you simply waited until the leak led to an impossible situation.

Using the services of qualified professionals for leak detection ensures that the proper source of the leak is located. This is essential if you want to have the necessary repairs completed in a timely fashion.

Trained professionals utilizing state-of-the-art equipment discover hidden leaks without destroying your property in the process. Using non-invasive leak detection minimizes the damage as well as the cost of necessary repairs.

Hiring professionals with experience and training in plumbing issues of all kinds including leak detectionsewer line inspection, and installation of toilets, faucets, and garbage disposals is the best way to protect your interests while trying to get to the bottom of the annoying problem of water leaking consistently. Continual running of water leads to additional, unwarranted expenses including increased charges on your utility bills, especially if hot water is involved.

The Benefits Of Early Leak Detection

Affordable leak detection is the fastest and cheapest strategy for stopping incessant leaking problems early before they lead to major repairs. Once you identify where the leak is located, you can take the proper measures to fix the problem. Unfortunately, most leaks are discovered after they have already caused damage. Taking care of the plumbing problems before the damage becomes severe provides an economical outcome while also saving homeowners and businesses money on their utility bills.

Hidden Leak Detection 

All too often, leaks remain hidden from sight, creating more and more damage as time passes. If you suspect that you have a leak, skilled professionals are trained in leak detection in each of the following areas of a property:

  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Roofs
  • Behind walls
  • Underneath asphalt
  • Underneath concrete slabs
  • Irrigation systems
  • Outdoor plumbing
  • Hot and cold water lines

Leak Detection Tools and Process 

A number of valuable strategies are used during the leak-detection process starting with a visual inspection of the property. Next, pressure testing is typically conducted to detect whether or not the water pressure is too high or too low. Pressure testing is an invaluable part of the leak-detection process since it enables your serviceman to determine whether the leak is in the hot water or cold water components of the plumbing system.

Moisture probes and sensors are used to determine if too much moisture is present in certain locations. A number of additional leak-detection tools including a fiber-optic bore scope, thermal laser, and thermal camera are typically useful in procedures focused on leak detection.