Commercial Hydro Jetting

Las Vegas Hydro Jetting Service

Hydro Jetting is a safe, powerful and effective way of cleaning, clearing or maintaining clogged commercial drain lines. Using a high-pressure water stream that puts out approximately 1500-4000 pounds per minute, hydro jetting can sometimes work better than traditional drain cleaning because it flushes the entire line quickly and thoroughly without harming the pipes or the environment. Hydro jetting is traditionally used for industrial and commercial plumbing systems but it can be used for residential plumbing issues as well.

hydro jettingCall Las Vegas Rooter today and see if hydro jetting is a good solution for your commercial plumbing system. Even if you are not experiencing a slow or clogged drain but know that it has been a while since your lines have been cleaned, hydro-jetting is an excellent way to maintain pipes so that you can avoid a potential disaster down the line.

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