HVAC Routine Maintenance

It is not a secret that conducting regular HVAC Maintenance will help you avoid a lot of trouble and prevent the problems that might arise in case of ignoring the significant need of having your heating and air conditioning system checked on time.

Having our professional and licensed experts to perform your HVAC system routine maintenance will significantly reduce your energy bills, prevent it from getting out of control and also ensure its trouble free operation during all the seasons.


Here is a common checklist for HVAC Routine Maintenance:

  • Thermostat settings – these settings ensure your convenience when you are at home and save energy when you are not. Our professionals will check to make sure these settings are working as programmed, cooling or heating as needed.
  • The next step would be inspecting the electrical connections and measuring the voltages on the motors. Damaged connections will cause your system not working properly and safely, which will also shorten the working life of the components.
  • Lubricate the moving parts – the efficiency of your system will be reduced, as well as the electricity usage will be increased due to lack of right amount of lubrication of the moving parts of your HVAC system
  • Inspect the condensate drain - the obstruction of the condensation drain in your AC unit, furnace or heat pump might cause water damage, overflows or high humidity levels.
  • Check system controls – our experts will check the proper working cycle of the system controls, like start up and shut down controls to ensure the correct and safe working cycle of your unit.
  • Check the air filter – if needed, our professionals will check, clean or even replace your air filters, because it is one of the most important tasks

After all the necessary steps, our licensed and insured experts will also take actions to guarantee the efficiency of the cooling and heating specifications of your unit.

Our main goal is to reach the highest satisfaction of our clients, which includes comfort of you and your family. That is why we are always trying to go the extra mile to provide the best services and performing a high quality HVAC routine maintenance is not an exception. Do not waste any more second and contact us now to schedule the next routine maintenance and make sure the effective and efficient working process of your heating ventilation and air conditioning system.