Professional Refrigerant Check

One of the main reasons to perform a refrigerant check is to make sure your AC unit is running and operating properly, as well as to avoid additional high costs for the operations of your central air conditioner. In order to prevent high utility bills and future leaks and damages it is highly advisable to perform routine maintenance checks to detect potential problems on time and take proper actions to overcome the issues.

On time checkups from high qualified professionals will significantly reduce your wasting your recourses on unexpected problems. Finding a small problem on time and fixing it will be far more beneficial than waiting for the last minute checks.


Our qualified professionals will perform standard maintenance which includes:

  • Carry out a function to make sure the unit is running at full capacity
  • Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils

  • Checking, cleaning and if needed replacing the air filter

If any of the above mentioned parts like the air filter, blower wheel, condenser coil and evaporator coil is not clean, it may cause issues similar to a AC unit that is low on refrigerant, and applying a refrigerant in this case will later cause the unit a poor condition.

Apart from the standard checks our trained and experienced professionals will inspect for any obstacles like rubbles on the air handler blower fan and also check if the condenser fan is working properly. Our experts will also run accurate inspections on the rest of the components of your air conditioning system to ensure the nothing is reducing the working efficiency of the unit.

After performing number of tests determining what all the details of the necessary refrigerant, instructed professionals will add the refrigerant with the correct methods. After all the required actions and steps they will observe the full complete cycle of the unit’s cooling cycle and complete the final steps to ensure the high quality and efficient performance of your air conditioning system.

In cases when you feel that your air conditioning needs more refrigerant due to a leak, we are always ready to come over and take all the necessary actions.

Here are some common signs that it is the case:

  • High energy bills – because it takes longer for AC to cool the house
  • It takes forever for the house to cool down
  • Unit makes a hiss or similar sounds
  • There is ice on copper lines of the unit
  • Registers are not blowing cold air

In all these cases there might be a leak and your unit might need refrigerant! Either way, go ahead and have our professionals perform a refrigerant check.