Inspect Blower Motor Operation

HVAC blow or fan motors are the most important parts of the HVAC system. The blower motor is the element that is responsible for pushing the air through the vents of the heating ventilation and air conditioning system. They keep working quietly under many conditions, including very tough ones. They do not require a lot of attention, but from time to time a maintenance check needs to be performed in order to ensure non complicated and easy performance of your air conditioning system.

The cost of ignoring a regular and periodic testing and standard maintenance of the blower motors might be far more undesirable and might simply cause your HVAC system to stop working properly. In order to prevent system failure and high energy bills, you can trust our trained professionals to inspect indoor/outdoor blower motor operations.


Here are a few reasons that can cause the blower motor to not operate or operate with low air flow:

  • Blown Fuse
  • Bad functioning of the fan motor
  • Damaged wiring or bad connection
  • Damaged resistor wiring
  • Bad functioning of the switch of fan motor
  • Damaged thermo or cold control switch
  • Air Leak
  • Frozen coil

In all cases a proper inspection from an experienced professional would be the best decision.     

Our experts will perform variety of actions to ensure the non stop and effective work of the blower motors. Some of this actions include:

  • Checking the power and windings – this is to check whether the circuit breaker is tripped or the fuse is blown. After the check it will also be clear whether the windings are shorted out and are broken or open.
  • If everything is fine with the power and the motor is not open or shorted, the next step should be checking the capacitor. It plays a big role in running the motor and gives the motor a torque. And due to lack of torque the motor won’t run.
  • Finally, the technicians will make sure that the motor is clean. Dirt might be one of the biggest problems that can cause the blower motor malfunction. In any case always make sure to keep everything clean. Dirt might cause a lot of unwanted issues.

Whether you want to perform your routine maintenance or have an issue with indoor or blower motor performance, make sure to contact us to have our great technicians to find out and overcome any problem that causes your system not to work properly.