Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Routine maintenance of commercial HVAC system is an essential step for the efficiency, effectiveness and long lasting peak performance of your system. As a business owner and manager it is one of your priorities to ensure the comfortable working process, which also includes the operation of your HVAC system without any flows. To prevent your time and efforts to find the best HVAC maintenance contractor, Las Vegas Rooter is here to offer you the highest quality services with experienced and licensed professionals that will perform all the necessary actions to make sure your HVAC system works as expected saving you a lot of time, nerves and preventing from spending extra money.


First of all, we will start by collecting all the necessary information to offer you an affordable pricing based on different factors of your HVAC system, which might include but are not limited to:

  • type
  • location
  • usage
  • aging
  • current condition
  • special requirements

After having all the necessary information, we will come up with the best offer with detailed explanation of the expenses that you will spend and the reasons why having regular HVAC system maintenance is important.

Once, you decide to have Las Vegas Rooter as your HVAC maintenance contractor, we will regularly perform necessary actions to keep your HVAC system always operating at the peak performance, making sure you have the lower energy bills.

To give you a generic idea of what will be included in our service here is a list of some actions which will be carried out for the spring and summer, as well as fall and winter routine maintenance:

  • Replacement of the filters on cooling and heating equipment
  • Coil cleaning
  • Refrigerant check
  • Leak inspection
  • Electrical connections check
  • Fan and blower motor operations check
  • Motors, bearings, other moving parts lubrications
  • Thermostat and other controls operation check

Contact us right now and we will prove that we are the best possible option to have as a commercial HVAC maintenance contractor to perform regular routine checks for all your units, including air conditioning, heating, cooling and furnace maintenances.